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Thursday Moda #36: Red Buffalo Plaid Vest for Fall.

Hey you all. Welcome to the first Thursday of November, a blissful, thankful month!
Before we get to today's pretty outfit, let's touch a little bit on the elephant in the room. The elephant would be me (lol) and I am referring to my new chopped hair, which is now a short, sassy bob. I cut off 11 to 12 inches or so and believe it or not the back is an inch to two inches shorter even. This occurred last week, right on time before the beautiful reception/wedding I attended last Saturday. From what all of you have said on Facebook and Instagram, what all my co-workers, friends and all of the family (which I got to see last Saturday) have said, this haircut is a hit with everyone and to tell you the truth I am loving it though I need to learn how to perfectly style it. It has a lot of volume. What do you think?  Oh and today I am co-hosting with the lovely KRISTIN from Countdown to Friday an American blogger currently blogging from beautiful Germany. I love the name of Kristin's…