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Valentine-Themed Cocoa, Coffee and Chocolate Bar.

I love Valentine's Day decor and this year our coffee area got a little festive in red, white and pink. And it didn't even cost much because all I did is purchase all the candy, festive Valentine's napkins, a pack of Hershey's hot cocoa, one of the candles, the paper hearts and the paper straws. Everything else I already had including the mugs, containers and jars. First of all, it is not just a coffee bar. You can also make hot cocoa, add marshmallows and eat a truffle, candy or Hershey Kiss. To make it even more lovely-dovey and festive I added some cute and great-smelling candles in red and white jars and of course that DIY Hot Pink Heart Garland I created myself. I got the hot pink paper hearts (in a pack of 25) at the dollar store and made them into a garland by simply using clear tape on the backs of each one. 
The paper straws (all from Target at the dollar area) are all festive too: red, red with white hearts, red+white striped or in different pink stripes. I pu…