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5 + 6: Patterned Whites and Double Florals.

I totally meant to have this post ready to go early on Monday morning, before you guys even woke up (since I am on a different time zone) but it has been a weird day. Our weather has been iffy and definitely very unpredictable. I truly hope it gets back to warm and Summery too, since I am going through this remix challenge very much suited for more hot than cool and rainy days, plus usually we don't get Fall here, at least until the second week of October. With some power outages we had, I was able to do some clothes organizing for both Vivian's closet and my own. I put a lot of Vivian's clothes aside that I am trying to sell. She needs a whole new Fall+Winter wardrobe, so hopefully I make a few bucks to get her started on her cold weather wardrobe. With my own closet, I packed away some Summer Dresses, Blouses and Tops. So, finally you get this two-in-one post today. =)

I know I wanted to include a Graphic Floral Tee in my items, since I own a few and I most likely would …