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The 6 Remix: Chic, Simple, Easy, Early Fall Outfits.

Hello Everyone. Did you have a Good Weekend? I hope so. Every month on the 6th I am going to remix my closet, according to the season that month falls on. I will either choose 6 articles of clothing (excluding Shoes or Accessories) that I will wear together into 6 outfits, or chose 1 item & remix it into 6 different outfits. You are more than Welcome to join me. This is how my first 6 Remix panned out. This is the second month I am doing the 6 Remix. However this week I remixed 6 items of clothing + one pair of shoes and was able to make 7 Outfits out of them. I really tried to link this with Natalia's 7×7 Remix Challenge, but I was a day too late. Oh well. Hopefully I can join next time.
The 6 Remix: Chic, Simple, Easy, Early Fall Outfits. Below is a sneak-peek of each item in detail. And then you will get to see each outfit in detail. =) Beige Cream, "Bird" Statement Sweater: Old Navy (New). Black, Cap-Sleeve Sweater w/ Sequined Shoulders: Worthington (JC Penney's)…