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Aqua Confetti.

This Tuesday was another pretty busy day at work but it has gone by pretty fast I must say. I should be home in a couple of hours now and I can't wait to go and take a nap. I have only slept about 5 hours the previous night, due to watching an interesting movie ("In Time") till late at night. And speaking of yesterday we went out for drinks and pizza (a small laid-back dinner date for two couples). We were sitting outside the patio of one of my favorite little caffe/bars in Tirana. Only a few months ago they started making grilled fire-oven pizzas, and good for them cause they were delicious. The weather was warm enough but breezy, perfect for what I wore (a short, 3/4 sleeve shirt-dress).

Today's outfit is featuring what was my color of the summer: Green. Albeit this time it's all light, pastel greens like aqua, mint or seafom, however you prefer to call it. I have had this skirt for about 9 summers now and I keep on loving it. It was always big on me when I pur…