Christmas Day 2011.

So girls are you getting ready for New Year's Eve - THE BIGGEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR? Do you have your dress or outfit, shoes, jewelry, makeup and hair all planned out? I think I know what I am wearing but I have to put it all together at home, first. I also have a plan for a fun and youthful hairdo. While today I am doing some last-minute shopping getting a gift for my husband and one for my father-in-law. We exchange Christmas/New Year Gifts on New Year's Eve at his family and with his family. But man it is so hard buying for a man (pun intended). LOL

Below I am bringing you my Christmas Day outfit. As you may know by now this is the very first Christmas I spend 15 years later in my home country of Albania and the very first one ever I spend in Tirana (the capital) where my husband and I as well as his family, lives. And let me tell you it has been a beautiful, festive Holiday Season overall. I have never seen Tirana look prettier or more decorative like this. I will talk and write more about this during a different post.
So, Christmas Day we went over my in-laws home for lunch. My mother-in-law, father-in-law and sister-in-law all had their part in preparing lunch which consisted of yummy lamb meat, baked potatoes, a variety of salads including a potato salad and Russian salad and cheese pies (an Albanian dish which is a tradition). We provided the wine (red, of course) and one of the desserts, a yummy flaky cake filled with plum & fig marmalade. We had other desserts and fruit as well as juices and other refreshments. It was truly a delicious lunch which didn't leave me hungry until the next day.

Later that evening I Skyped with my entire family in USA (Michigan) where this year they had gathered over my Aunt's Home (My Mom's Sister) about 30 of them, for our family's annual Christmas Day Dinner and Party. It was great seeing them all and it felt like I was there a little. This year besides my husband and I who were MIA at the Party, one of my first cousins was also far, celebrating the Holiday with her Fiance and his family in Greece. I made sure I talked with her too and wished her well, in Greece (we are next door, neighboring countries).

This year I wore a short Red & Black Dress that I purchased only a day before on the 24th on a whim and decided to immediately wear on Christmas Day. Last year I wore a lavish burgundy/wine colored ensemble, the year prior to that in 2009 I wore soft, mellow but bright green on top with some brownish pants and in 2008 I had on a gorgeous Emerald Green Dress. Before 2008 I don't remember what I have worn on Christmas, to tell you the truth. But I can tell you that I like to dress up, look rather nice and festive for such a holiday. In my family we all dress up for Christmas in one of our Annual Dinner Parties. So, with no further ado here is my outfit and I must say I loved how I looked.

 Red & Black, Ponte Mini Dress w/ Bow in the Front: Purchased in Tirana on Christmas Eve (a day before).
Crystal Pinkish Red & Silver Rhinestone Earrings: Fred's Jewelry.
Silver Bracelets & Chains (on Left Hand): A Variety of Stores such as Lord & Taylor, The Limited & JC Penney.
Silver Bracelet w/ Different Geometric, Silver Rhinestones (on Right Hand): White House Black Market.
Charcoal Gray, Thick, Herringbone Tights: The Limited.
Maroon, Suede Leather Ankle Boots: Aldo's.
Red & Green Feather Hair Pin: Aldo's.
Last but not least I am leaving you with 3 photos from My Husband and I. We took several photos that day at our living room, especially but these 3 are my favorites from the entire day. As you can see we matched with red tops and black bottoms. LOL We like to do that every now and then for special ocassions, etc. I must say all the photos from this day came out beautifully. My makeup and hair looked nice too and overall I got a lot of compliments, especially from my husband's mom.


  1. Thank you Londyn. I Liked the feather head piece too, colorful, fun & unexpected. I love hair accessories. =) Happy 2012 to you & your soon-to-be husband!!

  2. I really like this outfit and you and your husband look so cute together.

  3. Thank you for the comment of the two of us, I truly appreciate it, Lorena. He is my sweetheart. I like for him to match a lot of times, for special occasions only, nothing too cheesy I guess. He looked super handsome for New Year's Eve, too. He is a great person and a great husband. I am lucky.


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