Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Thursday Moda #112: Monochrome Millennial Pink.

My life has been a roller-coaster the last 5-6 months, I could seriously use all the virtual hugs and all the praying! I wish I could be more open, but I am not ready to talk about anything specific, just yet. But seriously. I don't even know how I make it sometimes. And I really don't want to complain, because in general I like to see the glass as half full, but I am a realist. Plus, I feel like I have complained about the weather a lot lately, on the blog. Though thankfully we have had some warmer days from low in upper 40s to high in mid 60s. But speaking of that roller-coaster, some days are better than others, some are great days - like last Sunday where I wore this Monochrome Millennial Pink Outfit, when I met my first cousin and my cousin-in-law for Starbucks and a lunch date, in beautiful down-town Northville, MI. Plus our temps were a high of 60, though a little windy. Glad I stuck with a sweater and jeans.

There have been many highs but quite a few lows, too. I work full-time, I am a full-time mom and on top of that I try to run this blog and my Instagram as full-time as possible without any help, but 17-21 posts is the norm of what I can 'handle' since last year, now. Blogging is hard and time-consuming and sleep-depriving. As a matter of fact as I am typing this it is 12.45 AM and I just started writing my Thursday Moda post. I have at least 20 outfits I have shot that haven't seen the light of day in this blog. By the same token the last 4-5 outfits I have worn, I haven't been able to photograph due to lack of time and main life priorities. Plus, I was dealing with a bad wisdom tooth for about 3 weeks. I was in so much pain. It took long enough for it to be cleared off infection and finally this Tuesday I had oral surgery and had it pulled out. I slept it off a little bit and spent all Tuesday in bed trying to heal. I could have used Wednesday off. But not only did I work, I had such a busy and hectic work day and each hour dragged on. It wasn't pretty. Due to all of this, blogging has taken a back-seat as have my comments in other blogs and even the linkups in the morning which take so much time. But as far as all of these blog things go, I try not to sweat it, when I have time I will link up my latest posts and comment on my favorite blogs and when I don't I won't - as simple as that. Something's gotta give, always. We are human beings, not machines. I am so busy and wear so many hats on a daily basis as far as my own personal life goes, so yeah blogging can wait. It is still not a job for me, it doesn't pay my bills, it is just a hobby! Life is already chaotic and busy-as-fuck and insanely emotional and full of surprises - good and bad ones - no need to add to the everyday chaos. Trust me, that is the last thing I need personally. Especially since on top of everything, this April has been such an expensive month for me because of sudden expenses and life situations and this and that... Gosh I am complaining and I hate when I or others complain lol, let's move on to the outfit...


I cannot stay away from Millennial Pink or Blush Pink or Soft Pink, lately. As some of my latest posts in here show too (exhibit A and B). It is such a beautiful color that I have been wearing in small doses, medium doses or a lot, like in today's lovely Sunday stroll look. I love that despite having many tones of soft pink on from darkest to lightest, this tone-on-tone monochromatic look totally works. And yes, in case you counted all the pinks, they are in my booties, skinny jeans, cowl-neck sweater, sunglasses, lips and cheeks. Even the little pimple above my upper lip (due to my period - thank you lol!) is a hot shade of pink. My cousin-in-law (pictured right below with Vivian) was wearing a similar monochromatic look in shades of ivory.

Last week was all about textures+lace for me, but I did notice all the pretty prints you all linked. Some were small, some were whimsical, some were large and bold and fun. You will notice it through some of my favorite outfits today. How did I narrow it down to 6?! It was difficult, let me tell you. But look at those pretty florals and that fun 70s-inspired jumpsuit!!

Nina designed 'A Perfect Spring Dress for Mother's Day'. The olive and mustard shades on such a pretty floral, combined with a flattering midi length, make it so beautiful.
Kelsey's 'Geometric Blouse' is perfect for Spring and she can match those colors with so much in her wardrobe. The turquoise statement necklace was perfect for this April Springy look.
Bryanna is in 'Coachella Street Style' wearing a funky floral, 70s jumpsuit complete with retro sunnies, a cute fanny pack and a fun newsboy cap. Even her background is perfect!
Nailil has on 'An Embroidered Skirt' that shows off her beautiful long legs. With Mexican vibes while carrying a bamboo bag, she is ready for date night... on Cinco de Mayo.
Jennie stays true to her favorite pattern- 'Polka Dot'. Her dots are large and in charge and go so well with the matchy black+white stripes. Love it!
'Moving to a New City' brought new shots and gorgeous backgrounds for Roxanne. Her style is a little more elegant too, like this stunning wrap dress with a flirty ruffle. Love her shoes.

Sorry for this week's huge rant... but such is life! Next week I will be more cheerful (hopefully) as I celebrate my birthday so join me next week for a special Thursday Moda Celebration, because May 3rd and May 4th will be reserved for my Blog Birthday Party where I have invited some of my favorite blogger babe friends, too.