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What to Wear to a Fall Wedding - 2016 edition.

Today, I am joined by 5 of my blogging friends across the world, to present you the first of a series of posts all about "What to Wear to a Wedding". And since Thanksgiving is this upcoming Thursday and we still have about one month till Winter is officially here, we will show you 6 different styles, 6 different outfits, 6 different interpretations of a Fall Wedding. So read on... and be inspired!
Nina from Spain, blogs at A World of Dresses. Ada from Michigan USA, blogs at Elegance and Mommyhood. Linda from Ontario Canada, blogs at A Labour of Life. Kristin from Germany, blogs at Countdown to Friday. Shelbee from New York USA, blogs at Shelbee on the Edge. Roxanne from Washington DC US, blogs at Glass of Glam.
I noticed that there were lots of jewel tones, especially rich dark blue and some black that we all wore. Every lady looks great and everyone looks so different still. But I noticed my outfit has at least one similar element from each of the ladies's Fall Wedding Looks. …