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Indigo, Marsala, Heather Gray and a pop of Pink.

With the exception of my White Skinny Jeans, I hadn't worn any other jeans since May. That is 5 months ago. See, it was a hot Summer and I am one of those people who cannot stand wearing Jeans when the weather is hot, let's say 75 plus. So I skipped my Jeans all Summer long and throughout our warm September. I am glad to be wearing them again, though. This dark wash pair (like an indigo) is a Flare Boot-cut by American Eagle. So many people have raved about AE's jeans before. Count me in as a big fan, too. The dark color, the boot-cut and the pocket stitching on the back, make these jeans easy enough to dress up or down or in between (like I did in this outfit, today). This outfit was worn a couple of days ago. I paired my New Jeans with my New Color-blocked Sweater by Old Navy. The Sweater is a Heather Gray on the front, with Burgundy or Marsala Sleeves and a Dark Burgundy or Maroon Back. The material is very light and it is perfect for now. I got it on sale a few weeks …