Monday, August 14, 2017

Summer Vacation: Cobalt with White.

We are returning from our New Buffalo, Michigan vacation today. We also visited Indiana and Chicago while on our trip. The weather was mostly nice and warm, usually about mid 70s but that didn't stop us from going to the beach every day, despite my awful cough and this cold I have been fighting. Vivian was sick too when we got there but her medicine has been doing its job and she feels much better, now. 

Of course as always with every vacation I over-packed . I didn't get to wear about one third of my pieces. I had another week's worth of outfits but I feel like I need to have options for these 7-10 day vacations we do each Summer. However I wore these Gorgeous Lace Scalloped Cobalt Shorts 3 times and this Pretty Long-Sleeve White+Blue Patterned Top (by SheIn) twice. On our second day there, I wore these two together and they worked out perfectly, on our way to the beach, with my Cobalt, Floral in-sole Flip Flops. This outfit turned out so cute and it was a great coverup option for my swimsuit. I also wore it for a breakfast by the beach restaurant we dined at. The "Life is Sweet" Floppy Hat was perfect both to accessorize this outfit with and to wear at the beach. What do you think of this look?! Have you been on a Summer Vacation yet?!