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Sweet Ruffles LWD.

I didn't even feel like posting an outfit today because it feels not right, completely vain and selfish and like a jolt of happiness when in reality there has been so much bad and terror that has happened lately. I will continue on with my OOTD but I am very much aware and super frustrated about all the acts of violence, murders and terrorism that have happened lately. This hate and fear has got to stop. To better express my feelings, read below, a paragraph I posted last night on my personal Facebook account:

"Nothing and nowhere is safe and sound anymore. Schools, universities, libraries, churches, day-cares, kindergartens, city centers, museums, bars, cafes, restaurants, amusement parks, shopping malls, playgrounds, bars, nightclubs, movie theaters, outdoor parks, busses, airplanes, airports, or even your own home, there are no safe places in this world. Hate crimes, shootings, mass murders, bombings, killing innocent people, vandalism and acts of terrorism have become an …