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Faking a Black Suit and adding some Bordeaux Shimmer.

I fake suits all the time. If you haven't heard that expression, or rather what I mean by "faking a suit" is wearing two or three pieces that may resemble a suit or look like a suit but that in reality are not. Usually these pieces are of the same color, some times even the same material. Today, the pieces (Jacket and Pants) are both Black but while the first is a thin cotton, the second is a much thicker material (or 2 rather) Ponte and Vegan Leather. Once again I am styling my New Favorite Pants with one of my Many Black Blazers. I added a Sparkly, Holiday-sh, Bordeaux, Striped Sweater underneath and some Pointy Black Oxford Shoes. My neck was kept warm by a Faux Fur, Zebra-print, Charcoal Gray Scarf. Simple Gold Chanel Studs and a simple Silver Chain Necklace w/ a Dainty Black Precious Stone, finish off the Look. Do you like it? Do you fake suits, too?

Look who is sitting by the ledge of her crib/bed and looking outside the window!? LOL Love how rich the Texturing looks…