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Wool and Pastels.

Hi Girls, did you miss me? I don't even know where to start?! I plan on doing a big Brain Dump today.

Yesterday I didn't post "Wonderful Wednesday". First off my wednesday wasn't wonderful and secondly even-though I wanted to post an OOTD anyway, I was going to accompany it with this brain dump I am doing today. By the time my day ended (what a long and emotional day I had too), I was poopped and didn't feel like blogging or writing at all. I caught up on a little "Gossip Girl" and to bed I went.

So as I may have mentioned in an earlier blog, we are moving this week. Let me explain. =) You girls know that in November of last year I made the huge move and took a risky leap of faith to leave United States for Albania. At the time we rented a tiny, old, fixer-upper type of apartment. We knew once spring or summer would kick in we would start looking at a nicer, better, newer or new apartment. See, I live in Tirana, which is the most populated city o…