Friday, December 2, 2016

Weekend Wants: Love Loft.

Happy December you all! There are less than 30 days left till the end of 2016 and the crowning of a new year! Have you started/done any of your decorating and Christmas shopping? I have shopped mostly for my daughter but I couldn't resist and we already gave her 4 of the gifts I bought... oh well. Check out what they are on my Instagram. Did you see Vivian's face? She is so happy when she receives presents and looks forward to opening them. Hmmm, so yeah I am in trouble. I have to buy her more gifts, think of more things she loves/wants and actually wrap them and hide them until Dec 25th, this time lol.

Instead of doing the Holiday Shopping Guides most of you are doing this month, I am continuing with my Weekend Wants posts I do every now and then. There will be one for every weekend in December. Today's post is dedicated to Loft, one of my favorite brands and one I have shopped a lot so far this Fall (see some of my recent Loft buys here and here and here too. I love their Fall/Winter and Holiday collection so much, I could seriously buy the entire store. I am especially enamored with their Gorgeous Animal Intarsia Sweaters, Beautiful Dresses and Fun Patterned Blouses, currently. They also have some great shoes and boots this Winter. I would love to add all the dresses below to my closet. They would be great for my Dressember month this December, won't they? Below are just some of my favorite picks form Loft. Like I said #LoveLoft

Kissing Penguin Sweater sold out. I also love this Unicorn one.
Snow Bird Dress (my most favorite).
Burgundy Floral Peplum Dress sold out. Similar Burgundy Floral Long Sleeve Dress.

Happy First Weekend of December Ladies and Gents!!

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