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Rust and Mustard for a Bright Monday.

What a Busy First Monday of the Year!! WOW!! It looks like I have run a marathon today. That is exactly how I feel. That is why I haven't been able to squeeze a post in yet, and it is after 9.00 PM here. =) I had to wake up around 7.30 this morning. I wore very simple pants with a sweatshirt on and left to get a couple of tests & blood work done. So I walked 20 minutes to get there & 20 back. Then, I had to go back to the store where we got our baby's crib because there was a part missing in the box & my husband couldn't put it up. But I took a taxi for that (and back) cause it would have been an hour walk each way. Then I got home, sat for a little, saw an episode of "Dexter" - my favorite show & it was time for me to go pick my test results. So more walking. Then I saw my doctor, gave her the tests' results (all was real well by the way). For some reason it felt much colder outside in the afternoon than early in the morning. It was definitel…