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Short + Polo Shirts and keeping it Real.

Hello Loves. How was your Monday? How was your weekend? I did a little shopping today and purchased some beautiful dresses for Vivian and a couple of Joe Fresh items for myself. Did you do any shopping this weekend? What did you get? There sure were a lot of sales out there with Columbus day being today. On top of all that, the weather was beautiful. It was warm enough yet a little breezy. The sun was out.

I am showing you 2 very simple Outfits with Shorts & Polo Shirts today. They were both worn around home and the second Outfit was worn for shopping at Wal Mart, too. Yes, I am a Fashion Blogger. I am a Woman. I love Style. I Love Fashion. I love Blogging about Fashion & Clothes. I love Shopping. But I am also a Human Being. I am a Mom, a stay-at-home Mom even. So sometimes super simple is the way I go. These Outfits are super simple by blogger standard but they are me just as much as my Pencil Skirts, Leather Pants, Flirty Dresses & Girly Blouses. Because sometimes I care…