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2 Blog Announcements, Argyle and Bad!! Jeans.

Happy Monday or is it? Vivian hasn't slept around 10.30 PM since almost a month ago and it's almost an hour and a half later and she is still sleeping. So, I am benefiting from that and posting today's Post & Outfit. I really want to do a Brain Dump for you regarding blogging, fashion, why I blog, etc. since I really thought about that today (for some reason), but it has to be left for another day. Before I get to today's outfit though I want to mention a couple of things that have to do with this blog:

1) On May 4th it's My Birthday so FOR FUN and only for Fun I want to do an E-Party, a Blog Party if you will. So I invite all of you - whomever would like to participate - to style an outfit of your choice as if you where to come to My Birthday!! *Hint I Love Dresses*. Also, I created a couple of Fun, Festive Buttons in regards to this below so you can save and use whichever one you like, and post it on your blog the day I run My Special Birthday Post where ALL O…