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Lucky 13 and Mixed Geometry.

Who is Superstitious? Certainly NOT me, I have never been one to go after superstitions. Though one cannot help but feel like 13 is an Unlucky number. However, so far 13 is proving to be a Very Lucky Number for my little family. After all My Beautiful Vivian was born in the year 2013. Today was the 13th of June. Besides the number 13, looks like June is also a lucky month for us, after all it is the month I got married (8 years ago; our anniversary is the 19th). 19 is another lucky number for us, it represents both the Birth-date of Our Daughter and Our Wedding Date. So, why am I talking numbers and days today? Well, because as of today June 13th 2013, my little one (who is not even half a year old yet) is officially an American Citizen. She, clearly is an Albanian Citizen too since Albania is her birth-place. This is the thing that had me worried & frustrated lately because as a whole process took quite a bit and I hate waiting for something that is her birth-right (since her mom…