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Simply Chic LBD.

To me Fashion & Style aren't always about being Couture, Fashion-Forward, Avant-Garde, French or Harajuku Girl. Style and fashion doesn't have to be too complicated, over-the-top, luscious, full of the brightest colors or the most attractive accessories and lots of jewelry. At times these are good (don't get me wrong), but sometimes being understated, simple yet chic doesn't mean you have to be or are considered boring, unfashionable, old or whatnot. Sometimes less is more. Actually I would say most of the time Less is More. =) This is the case for the outfit below I wore recently to an Albanian Concert Party I attended with some girlfriends. It is a very simple Black shirt-dress, which (shirt-dresses) are very IN now and in my opinion very classy + classic and should always be considered crisp, modern & stylish. I also feel that the outfit fit the weather which has been a little chilly and cozy enough to wrap a sweater over your arms, wear tights with a dress…