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Thursday Moda #14 and Little White Dresses (with Our Princesses).

Welcome June! You will be one hot and stylish, feminine and fun month filled with Dresses only and I cannot wait to show you all of them! 
Today we continue with another dress in a very special, fun and unique Thursday Moda. This is a Mommy+Mini Me or Mommy+Daughter style edition. I am joined by my Vivian today and two beautiful sweet ladies: Ruth and her daughter Amelia. So, yes, there are three co-hosts and every one of them is very sweet, pretty and stylish. Last Thursday for the first time ever Vivian joined me during Thursday Moda and she was my darling little co-host (so to speak). This week I have her with me again. It is fitting to have both Vivian who is 3 and Amelia who is 2 with me today, since (technically) the day I am typing this is June 1st and it is International Children's day. Many countries in the world celebrate June 1st, including Albania. Ruth and I are honored to have our mini me-s with us today as we style Little White Dresses - which I think it is the #1 Dr…