Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Brown, Green, Turquoise and Feminine.

Hello all. It is is a rainy, rainy day here in my side of the world. But it is still not real cold. It is a little cool and Fall-like but it's not like you need to wear a coat or anything. I woke up super early this morning and got a lot done. First it took me over two hours to switch my Spring/Summer wardrobe with my Fall/Winter wardrobe. Around late April/early May I pack all my wintery stuff into boxes & luggages and put them away, while around October I do the same about my summery stuff, to make room for the current season's clothes in my tiny closet. Then, I folded and put away a bunch of laundry, then I washed most of the dishes (by hand), made myself a quick & healthy lunch (hard-boiled eggs and fresh fruit with OJ) and finally I had to run to go to the doctor for my monthly ultra-sound appointment. This is the first time I had a 3D ultra-sound done and it was beautiful. It made me quite emotional and brought tears to my eyes. And now, as I am finding time to blog from my office, I find out that I was given a beautiful award by the lovely Mother-Daughter team over at Their Style Journey. It was a nice little surprise. I will answer their questions and gladly accept their award, a little bit later this week.

Now, I bring you once again one of my favorite and least expensive dresses I own. I love the color-blocking in it and I love how easy, breathable and roomy it is. It is truly very comfortable while still being feminine. I brought out the two different greens in the dress by pairing it with a lace-trimmed green camisole, this time. My Turquoise jewelry was a good match for this dress too and Hooray for another Good Hair Day!! (That rhymes =D.) Clearly, it didn't rain the day I wore this dress.

Brown, Green & Teal, Flowing, Wrap-Style, Cotton Dress: Forever 21.
Lace-Trimmed, Green/Teal, Stretchy Nylon Tank: The Limited.
Turquoise, Baby Pink and Clear, Glass-Beaded Necklace and Matching Stretchy Bracelet: Beadz & Bagz.
Beige, Peep-Toe Wedges w/ Different Colorful Dots: Il Cammino.
P.S. For the first time, I am linking today with the weekly link-up from Lipgloss & Crayons a new, fun & fashionable blog I discovered.