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Thursday Moda #103: Thoughts on Personal Style.

 Are you one of those people who thinks long and hard about what to wear at any given day?! Well, if you are a style blogger, the answer is most likely YES. See, with me personally - even though I have been running a fashion+style blog for 6 years now - I am not always one of those people. Yes, sometimes I think long and hard about a certain outfit whether it is something I need to just go out of the door on my mom days or something for a style challenge, a blog collaboration or an event I am going to. I also think more about my work outfits. I like to feel and look a little bit nicer and more curated at work, while being professional. It is the right thing to do. And of course if I am going to a shower or a wedding, I do think carefully about what to wear and how to accessorize. But there are days when I literally just throw on some clothes. Those days it is mind over matter type of thing. And yes, some of those outfits turn out great, some are just fine, some look better on than in …