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Vivian's First day of Pre-School.

Today was Vivian's first day of school ever. She is a preschooler and this mama cannot believe it. Viv has a very long journey in front of her but I have absolute faith in her: she is intelligent, smart, witty and intuitive. She will do great! As a matter of fact her first day of school went real well. She chatted and made friends all day and she even drew a nice picture and made a beautiful craft paper (I will show you below, in a picture). To tell you the truth, words cannot truly explain the emotions I felt today - September 18th 2017 - her very first day of school. I was happy, joyful, nervous, scared, and in some ways it felt surreal. And if I am not lying, I cried a few minutes after I said goodbye to her and we hugged and kissed. 
This photo totally shows my girl sassy side and sparkly, fun personality! She is too cool!
Now I always have thought that choosing an outfit for the first day of school is important - a tradition I have personally loved each year when I started scho…