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The Sunday Showcase Linkup, October 2018 - Fall Home Decor.

How is it already the 2nd week of October (starting tomorrow)?! That means, by now most of us have already decorated our homes for Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and such. Today, I bring you the 8th Sunday Showcase with my dearest friends KELLYANN from This Blonde's Shopping Bag and CHRISSY from Granola and Grace who had the pleasure of meeting each other in real life this week, as the two of them and 4 other bloggers all met up in Nashville and I can imagine how much fun they had. I loved peeking through their Insta stories. For my Showcase this month I am showing you how I have decorated my home (a little) for Fall, this year. I took these photos  this past Friday morning before going to work and I am so glad I did because it has been so grey and rainy all the last two weeks. At least the sky was clear that morning. Meanwhile Kellyann has a beautiful Fall post featuring lots of pumpkins and Chrissy shows us an everyday outfit of how she does Fall in warm+sunny Florida.
If I would …