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Thursday Moda #79: Family Evening Downtown Northville.

Happy Thursday you all! I have a fun post today filled with pictures featuring my family (my parents as well as my daughter) during one of - what it felt like - the last days of Summer here in the beautiful Mitten State. These photos were taken last Tuesday (the last Monday of August) on a warm and sunny early evening, Downtown the City of Northville, here in Michigan. They are not the best photos since they were snapped with my phone (who is 3 years old; I ordered a new phone guys) and some of these were taken exactly from my Instagram stories - if you guys don't follow me there you should. I post content 100% differently than I do on the blog. We all had a great evening, drinking our lattes with some French cookies at the cutest cafe called "Little Paris Cafe".
Downtown Northville is such a beautiful area, filled with restaurants, cafes and boutiques that are all privately-owned. In the middle of the downtown area, across the Main Street you have the beautiful fountain …