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The Debut of the Denim Jacket.

I finally have a Denim Jacket in my closet and I found this H+M UK one at a thrift store. Now, let me explain. In the last 12 years or so I had purchased about 5 Denim Jackets in the States, from stores like Gap, Express & Esprit. None of them were typical. By "typical" I mean they weren't the usual, Classic Denim Jacket Style like the one today. I had a couple in this Style but one had many pieces of different silk fabrics patch-worked on the back, one had a flower embroided on the back, one was a White one with a High Collar, etc, etc. I got rid of almost all of them and when I visited my home in MI last Summer I couldn't find the other 2. I knew my closet was lacking just a regular, Classic Denim Jacket though. I loved that I scored this one for 10 bucks and it is the Perfect Color, a Light-to-Medium Wash. Now, I kind of want a Dark Wash one but we will see.

Anyway, this is the first Outfit I wore with the debut of the Denim Jacket. Last time I styled this Gra…

Layering a Sweater Dress with a Puffer Vest and a Scarf.

It was December 2011 when I purchased this Dress, my first time shopping at London Girl Boutique (and one of my first things I bought when I moved to Albania). It was hanging by itself waiting for its owner. I tried it on and took it home, where (little did I know) it would of become a closet staple for 3 Winters in a row. I would even wear it while Pregnant. As a matter of fact I have worn it more in real life than what it has been photographed and showed on the blog. First time ever I styled it with a Scarf also (my Taupe/Floral Triangle, Tassel Scarf) and mixed it with Purple (see the photo below). Today I also wore a Scarf with it and paired it with Purple. This Dress actually looks great styled with a Scarf over it. Here are 1 and 2 ways I have already styled this Dress, this Winter. This time I stayed within the Blue family and Pattern-mixed it with some Python Tights that I didn't want to regret any longer (last worn here), my Lavender+Baby Blue Paisley Scarf and even added…