Monday, March 10, 2014

The Debut of the Denim Jacket.

I finally have a Denim Jacket in my closet and I found this H+M UK one at a thrift store. Now, let me explain. In the last 12 years or so I had purchased about 5 Denim Jackets in the States, from stores like Gap, Express & Esprit. None of them were typical. By "typical" I mean they weren't the usual, Classic Denim Jacket Style like the one today. I had a couple in this Style but one had many pieces of different silk fabrics patch-worked on the back, one had a flower embroided on the back, one was a White one with a High Collar, etc, etc. I got rid of almost all of them and when I visited my home in MI last Summer I couldn't find the other 2. I knew my closet was lacking just a regular, Classic Denim Jacket though. I loved that I scored this one for 10 bucks and it is the Perfect Color, a Light-to-Medium Wash. Now, I kind of want a Dark Wash one but we will see.

Anyway, this is the first Outfit I wore with the debut of the Denim Jacket. Last time I styled this Gray Sweater Dress topping it off with my Deep Red Corduroy Blazer that I did for a Style Swap. It ended up being My Most Favorite Outfit of February 2014. This time I wore it with the Denim Jacket, one of my newer Turquoise Necklaces, little Turquoise Rose Studs, I carried a little Turquoise Wallet (instead of a Clutch) to tie in the rest of the Jewelry, with my Black Bow Belt, Opaque Black Tights & Navy Little Pointy Booties. And what do you know today's Trend Spin Link-up with Laura+Erin is Denim. I quite like this Outfit: Chic yet Casual, Elegant and Put-together, Simple yet Trendy. What do you think? Do you own a Denim Jacket? How should I style it next?
I wore this Outfit the day when Vivian turned 13 months.
Short-Sleeve, Medium-Gray Sweater Dress w/ Cable-Knit Crochet on Top: The Limited.
Light Medium Wash, Classic Denim Jacket: H&M (Thrifted; New).
Black, Soft Leather, Skinny Belt w/ Bow: The Limited.
Long Silver-tone Necklace w/ Silver Circles & Big Turquoise Stones: A Local Boutique. (New & purchased for $1.)
Baby Blue, tiny Rose, Metallic Stud Earrings: Viggos.
Classic Pearl & Silver Diamond-cut, Beaded Bracelet w/ Crystal Charm: White House Black Market.
Magenta+Silver, Stretchy, Beaded Bracelets w/ some Charms: White House Black Market.
Real Leather Turquoise, Logo Wallet: Bebe.
Black, Medium-Opaque Tights: Old Navy.
Faux Suede, Flat, Navy Booties: Forever 21.

Layering a Sweater Dress with a Puffer Vest and a Scarf.

It was December 2011 when I purchased this Dress, my first time shopping at London Girl Boutique (and one of my first things I bought when I moved to Albania). It was hanging by itself waiting for its owner. I tried it on and took it home, where (little did I know) it would of become a closet staple for 3 Winters in a row. I would even wear it while Pregnant. As a matter of fact I have worn it more in real life than what it has been photographed and showed on the blog. First time ever I styled it with a Scarf also (my Taupe/Floral Triangle, Tassel Scarf) and mixed it with Purple (see the photo below). Today I also wore a Scarf with it and paired it with Purple. This Dress actually looks great styled with a Scarf over it. Here are 1 and 2 ways I have already styled this Dress, this Winter.
This time I stayed within the Blue family and Pattern-mixed it with some Python Tights that I didn't want to regret any longer (last worn here), my Lavender+Baby Blue Paisley Scarf and even added my Turquoise/Teal Puffer Vest. My Earrings & Headband match the Vest perfectly, no? This baby (the dress) kept me warm and comfy, of course the layers helped as did the Tall Boots. What do you think? Would you layer a Puffer Vest over a Sweater Dress like I did? What about all the Pattern-mixing? Also, I apologize for not having the prettiest backgrounds and Vivian's toys & stuff almost always being on the way but I got to make the most of our 800 square feet apartment. That is how it feels to live down-town the capital city of Albania.
And this is how I layered it ladies: 1. Just the Dress. 2. Adding the Scarf. 3. Adding the Vest.
(Click on the collages to view them larger.)
Royal Blue Sweater Dress w/ Lace-Printed Black Stripes: London Girl Boutique.
Teal/Turquoise Puffer Vest: Thrifted (New).
Lavender, Baby Blue & Pink, Paisley Print Pashmina Scarf: A Street Boutique in Tirana.
Turquoise, Skinny, Leather Headband w/ Bow: Viggos.
Flower-Shaped, Turquoise, Stud Earrings: Parfois.
Sky Blue/Grayish Python Print, Footless Tights: Express.
Taupe-Charcoal, Over-the-Knee Boots: Purchased in Tirana.

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