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Festive Plaid: B+W Windowpane Pants, Red and Lacy Bow.

The best part about not scheduling my posts ahead - besides writing in real time about real things - is not having to worry about things you have to do that day (besides blogging) that must take priority, or getting things done in general. Well, I had a busy 3 days. Not all that I needed to do got done, but I still accomplished a big chunk. And I had at least one or two more outfits planned to show you for Festive Plaid Week, albeit life came first, just like how it should be. How was your weekend before Christmas? Did you take care of everything you needed to?

Well, I am continuing with Festive Plaid and finally sharing my Gorgeous Window-Pane Pants. In my opinion Window-Pane is one type of Plaid. I was able to find some awesome options like my Pants all for 40 bucks or less (links below on the outfit's credits).
Keeping up with the fact that December is a Holiday month, I wore my Silk, Red, Bow Blouse and layered both with a Red Cardigan and a Black Blazer over it (because it was…