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5 Things and 1 Outfit.

Happy Wednesday Guys. The weather was real pretty around here, full of warmth and sunshine - FINALLY!! Vivian and I took a walk with her stroller for about a couple of hours. I even did a little bit of shopping and got a couple or organizers & containers for our home. =) Before I move on to Today's Outfit, I was tagged "5 Things" (which I was secretly hoping someone would tag me since I love writing random facts) by the Two Lovely Ladies Heather & Kayla. If you haven't checked out their blog yet, run do not walk towards it. They are real inside out, including their style. They always put together great outfits from your everyday mall stores as well as some thrifted pieces, looking Great. =)

My 5 Things:

1. I speak, write, understand and read fluently 4 languages - English, Albanian, Italian & Spanish. Spanish is the only one I cannot really write but I can definitely read it - I have learned most of my Spanish & Italian through TV. I also undestand a li…