Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Holiday Gift Guides 2018: Gifts for My Mom.

Today is my second Holiday Gift Guide and I am focusing on a very important person: My Mom. Mothers are awesome and since I have become a mom myself I believe that to be even more true. There is nothing I wouldn't do for my daughter - truth! Regarding mothers I am mainly thinking in terms of two main categories. One category is cozy things like bathrobes, fuzzy warm socks, slippers, a sweater-wearing coffee mug and a splurge-worthy item like a classic crewneck cashmere sweater. But I have also thought about things that a lot of mothers love. My mom loves to cook. She will never turn down a great cook-book, an amazing air fryer, kitchen utensils+gadgets, a great set of knives, beautiful plates, etc. I don't know if you agree with my guide or if you are getting your mothers similar things, but this is my Holiday Gift Guide for my Mom or for any mom in general. Come shop with me!

Monogrammed Bath Robe - get her a bathrobe this holiday season. Better yet make it monogrammed. This one is a great deal, currently on sale.
Cozy Socks - These snowflake beauties are such a steal. N.Y.+Co. has several ones currently and I might pick up a few pairs, for mom and for myself.
Lipstick Set - My mom is a natural when it comes to makeup but she wears lipstick from time to time. With this set of lipstick she would be set for life. Love all these colors, too.
Cute Little Wallet - This looks like a designer wallet. Very well-made and classic+preppy. The price is good too! I know my mom could use a new wallet.
Cutest Sweater Mug - OMG aren't these sweater-topped mugs the cutest?! They are stylish, easy to hold and will keep your fingers warm. Plus so perfect for Winter and what a great price at 5 bucks!
Classic Neutral Leather Tote - Every mom needs a great, classic black leather tote. This is slightly over 200 bucks, from a great brand and I think the price is right. I mean this is totally classy, elegant, chic and timeless.
Suede Ugg(s) Slippers - Everyone knows Ugg's make the best cozy shoes, boots, slippers, you name it. They are especially known for their boots and slippers. Love this loafer-style pair of slippers. Classy, warm, elegant and can be worn outside the house.
Cashmere Sweater - A must in every woman's closet, especially a fitted, crewneck-style cashmere sweater. This is the one splurge item your mom (and mine) need. My mom likes light colors, pastels and neutrals. Lately I have been drawn to these dusty lavender shades a lot. This sweater is beautiful. I know my mom would love it.
Cookbook - My Mom loves, looooves to cook. There are so many great cookbooks out there but I have heard great things about this one. I wish I could learn how to do everything in a square pan. I might have to buy this one for sure.
Pore Refining Cream Mask - These are great for mom to pamper and relax a little. It is a set of 3 for 10 bucks so a total steal, too!
Air Fryer - Once again for those moms who love to cook, prepare food, host dinner parties, etc. My mom uses her air fryer quite a bit. I think she may need an upgrade. This one is large and can accommodate many guests or a big party.