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Little Navy Dress Worn to Work for the First Time.

This Little Navy Dress... that looks like something any of the Kardashian Sisters would wear, was a (early January) 2012 purchase. I gifted myself 4 new dresses and some accessories from T Box when I got my job (here in Albania). This dress was part of that purchase. It is very structured, modern and classic at the same time. Sexy and simple. I love the sleeves and the exposed zipper on the back. I also love the ponte material which washes easily and doesn't wrinkle much. As a matter of fact, I got one in a dark red too. However the red one I had to get a bigger size because sizes S were sold out. So that one still has the tags and hangs in my closet. It needs to make a trip to the seamstress. I might add pockets to that one and maybe alter the syle a tiny bit. Though I love multiples and if there is something I like and must have, I might own it in 2, 3, 4 or even 5 different colors or patterns. As you can tell I had fun the day I wore this dress cause I sure as heck took a lot o…