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Black and White Monochrome with a Red Heart Pop.

Once a month I will do an outfit post you have never seen before however it is an 'old' outfit I have already worn. You have never seen these outfits before because A] I have never blogged them (like today) or B] I will re-blog outfits from my first year of blogging where I had very very few readers compared to what I have now. I will probably do these once a month on Mondays. However, the outfits I will post will be relevant to the current month and to what's in style/on trend still. I hope you like them. To see more throw-back looks check out these latest posts: 15 Valentine-Inspired Outfits from the Past and Currently, February 2017.

This outfit was worn almost exactly 3 years ago, sometime in March 2015. Why it is still on trend and perfect for February 2016?! I am wearing black and white which is always stylish. I am wearing Monochrome Colors. I added a Blanket Scarf and Plaid Blanket Scarves are perfect for Winter, but this particular light blue and gray one has light…