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Thankful for so much, Really!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving - though it goes without saying - I more than ever, ever before am Thankful for the Best Present, Most Precious Gift that life has ever given to me. Her name is Vivian Dhima and she is a Sweetheart. I am so Thankful to be her Mamma, especially since today for the very first time she said (twice even) my name (Ada), exactly like that. She is so Darling that everyone that has gotten to know her, can't help but smile because when she sees you - she smiles. Her soul lightens up from the inside. She is Beautiful inside out. My Most Precious Angel. My Pride and Joy. The Light of My Life. I couldn't be more Thankful that God blessed me with her, this January. Every day I fall more and more in love with her. She has captured my mind, heart, body and soul like no one has before. So, Thank You God for giving me Vivian and Thank You for letting her grow up Healthy, Beautiful, Smart, Sassy, Funny, Spunky, Friendly and Gentle, full of Character and Laughter. W…