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Currently: September 2016.

Oh my, the last day of August is here which means it will already be September tomorrow. It also marks the second half of the year for my Thursday Moda linkup which is going very well, thanks to you all. As I mentioned in my last Currently post, August 2016 was an extremely busy month for you. Well we traveled a bit and drove a lot and saw a lot of Michigan. We ate out quite a bit too and even Vivian did fun things with my sister-in-law and I. August 2016 was one for the books, a month I will never forget, or as I hash-tagged it on Instagram, "An August to Remember". Too bad it's over now. Let's see what I got planned for September, shall we?! I will be linking this post with Anne, by the way. 

reading:I just started "If I Was Your Girl", as I mentioned yesterday on my Instagram and I am almost half-way through it already. It is a great little book with a touching, very actual story. I think I will do a review on it once I am done. But for the author's (…

A Taste of Brighton.

 Good morning sunshines and Happy Monday - the last of August (sigh). As you have noticed, I have been MIA quite a lot all this month from blogging but I have been a lot more active on my Instagram, so you may have already seen a bunch of these photos of my staycation and vacation of exploring beautiful Michigan. My sister in law left a week ago but in those 2 weeks (and 3 full weekends) she was here, we visited and saw a lot of beautiful places in the Mitten State. We made sure to see a lot of cities with cute down-towns like today's Brighton. So, today you get a taste of Brighton, Michigan. I ran out of space in my memory card and wish I had taken more pictures but you will get the gist. The photo above is of the gazebo located by the river, where a music band was singing Live and they were great! These photos were taken the previous weekend on a busy Friday night. We had a hard time finding an empty parking spot and even all the restaurants were very busy. We ended up sitting f…

Did You Know?!

My blog has gotten a lot of new readers and a lot more views and clicks, in the last few months and several of you who have stopped to link up on Thursdays for my "Thursday Moda" linkup. So, today I thought to do a little "Did You Know" post with some true facts about me, most of which I don't think I have shared before on the blog. So, this is a little introduction to new (and some old) readers. Enjoy! And, if you have any questions, ask me on the comments. I will do a  future post to answer your questions.
Did you know my birth-given name is Adriana? It is the name I am born with and the one I have in all of my documents. Did you know I have dual citizenship (American and Albanian) and since I have been 18, I have voted 6 times, 4 times in USA and twice in Albania? Did you know I have a brother but no sisters? Did you know I used to play both the violin and the mandolin and I used to sing, since I was 6 years old? Did you know I met my husband in Albania when I we…

Thursday Moda #26 and Flared Eyelet White Dresses.

Good Morning. Hard to believe today it has been exactly 6 months I have hosted this linkup. You have seen a lot of Little White Dresses on me this Summer. Well, here is one more. I am co-hosting today with the Lovely and Stylish ROXANNE from Glass of Glam whose blog is very nice and I love the name. This attorney has amazing style and amazing cocktail and drink recipes in her blog. She has been the Featured Blogger on Thursday Moda before, as well as part of my Thursday Moda Favorites not too long ago. We styled Pretty, Feminine, Flared Eyelet White Dresses today. We both dressed them up and we both chose Crossbody Bags and Pretty Necklaces.
This never-worn before LWD got worn to work recently with my Teal+Hot Pink D'Orsay Pumps by Target. I have them in the Bright Coral Suede and the Leopard version too - love them. Picking up the pink from the pumps, I added my Hot Pink Crossbody which is a bag perfect for work because is big enough and even fits my Samsung Galaxy Pad. As you can…

An Un-Glorious Fall Transitional Outfit.

 I will be honest with you, I don't quite like this outfit. I debated about whether to post it today. It sounded good on paper, didn't come out that great once I put it on. The colors are perfect to transition into Fall with the darker greens and blues: olive and teal. Plus I have on cut-out booties as well as several on trend 70s elements like a Bucket Skirt and a Bell Sleeve Paisley Top. But, I have actually gotten rid of this silk blouse from Banana Republic (practically vintage now, since it is at least 10 years old). I felt, while it still did fit, I prefer my blouses much more loose now and longer like a tunic. I am debating whether to keep the skirt. I love the color and that style and it is made of very nice corduroy, so I think I will give it another couple of shots.  ...However, when you keep a style journal of what you wear daily, despite being a lot 'in the public eye, like we are as fashion bloggers, I still think it is OK to show that you are human and post yo…