Thursday, October 24, 2013

Frilly, Ivory, Lacy, Peplumy, Neony.

I  got more Spring or (since it's Neon Pink) more Summer in my step today, beacuse I have another ensemble of Colored Pants with a White Blouse & touch of Lace. Remember Tuesday's Outfit? My Neon Dyed Khakis by Gap have been worn with a Coral-Pink Blouse before, and with my Owl Sweater later. This time I paired the Pants with a Girly, Silky Blouse which is an Ivory shade and features a V-Neck, Lace, and some little Ruffles. And before I didn't think of this top as a Peplum style but it very much is. And I have had this Blouse since early Fall 2011 and never worn it - still had tags on - and had totally forgotten about it (it was in my closet in US). Go figure. It is by the A.N.A. brand from JC Penney. I love some of the brands they sell at Penney's like Bisou Bisou, Liz Claiborne, A.N.A. & Worthington. They cater to women/ladies yet they are Classic, Elegant, Fresh, Modern & definitely not old lady-looking. And lately I have loved almost every single piece from Joe Fresh. Both the Pants & Blouse costed me about 30 bucks. =) I wore this to a Doctor's appointment for Vivian and paired it with a Hoodie Jacket (not pictured). This Outfit is lacking in the Jewelry department though. I should have added some Bangles or Bracelets. One of my Pink-band Watches would have been great, too. Oh well, next time. I woke up at 5.45 that day and had to be at the doctor's office by 8.00 AM. What do you think of my Frilly, Ivory, Lacy, Peplumy Top paired with the Neon Hot Pink Pants? Once again this is perfect for Amy's BBCA (Blogging for Breast Cancer A-WEAR-ness). And I love my Sock Bun with a Braid around it. 

Happy Weekend Ladies. Come back tomorrow to see who is guest posting. Thanks.
Ivory, Silky, V-Neck, Peplum Blouse w/ Lace trim: A.N.A. (JC Penney's).
White, Nylon-Stretch Camisole w/ Lace Trim: White House Black Market.
Neon Pink, Dye, Khaki Pants: Gap (New).
Olive Green-Grayish,"Smoke" Necklace with Rectangle, Square & Circle Stones: White House Black Market.
Black, Thong, Flower-Strap Sandals: Love Culture.

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