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Frilly, Ivory, Lacy, Peplumy, Neony.

I  got more Spring or (since it's Neon Pink) more Summer in my step today, beacuse I have another ensemble of Colored Pants with a White Blouse & touch of Lace. Remember Tuesday's Outfit? My Neon Dyed Khakis by Gap have been worn with a Coral-Pink Blouse before, and with my Owl Sweater later. This time I paired the Pants with a Girly, Silky Blouse which is an Ivory shade and features a V-Neck, Lace, and some little Ruffles. And before I didn't think of this top as a Peplum style but it very much is. And I have had this Blouse since early Fall 2011 and never worn it - still had tags on - and had totally forgotten about it (it was in my closet in US). Go figure. It is by the A.N.A. brand from JC Penney. I love some of the brands they sell at Penney's like Bisou Bisou, Liz Claiborne, A.N.A. & Worthington. They cater to women/ladies yet they are Classic, Elegant, Fresh, Modern & definitely not old lady-looking. And lately I have loved almost every single piece …