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Safari Rain.

So, there was one day this summer where for a couple of hours it rained pretty hard. It was summer rain and it stopped quickly but during that time it cooled off quite a bit. I, of course wasn't wearing the proper outfit for a cool, rainy day. This dress was too thin to keep me warm and these sandals are pretty slippery as is and definitely not to be worn during rain. One of them actually got damaged but I have a good shoe guy who fixed it quickly. I, also, did not have an umbrella that day so had to purchase one on the street. It was a men's umbrella but whatever. I used the black umbrella as a prop for the photos, hours later in the office, after both the umbrella and I were dried off. I actually quite like it against the dress, since the dress has blocks of black in it. I also like how the bracelet and the shoes match so well together, both silver. I think I wore this dress quite differently than the first time around. Which look of this dress do you prefer better?

Black, Wh…

Girly-Up Bermuda Shorts.

Good Morning All and Happy Sunday. What are you doing today on your day off? Cause it is certainly NOT a day off for me. As a matter of fact I am pulling a double, 13-hour day (plus 2 more hours it takes to go back/forth from and to work). I will be beat by the time I get home. But I look cute today, though. I am wearing an Express dress that I have had for a couple years but never worn. My baby bump is still quite little. This dress is the fitted style, so it envelops your body, but despite my bump I was able to pull it on without even unzipping it. It helps that the dress has some stretch to it. I think it might be OK for me to wear a couple more times through September, too.

So yesterday I ended up watching 3 movies I had never seen before. We try to catch up on movies, on cable the one weekend day I am off. I watched SALT for the first time (though didn't catch the first 30 minutes of it) and loved it. Angelina Jolie was amazing in it. If you haven't seen it, I reccomend i…