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Patterned Pinks and Rocksbox.

Happy Tuesday to you all! I am posting late today because Vivian and I slept in and my poor baby girl got up with a little fever also. Praying she gets better real soon. Vivian and I are back today styling some Valentine-inspired Outfits. Today we have on Patterned Pinks on top with Charcoal Grey Leggings and Sneakers on the bottom. Oh and I am sharing my very first box of borrowed jewelry from Rocksbox.
I took the plunge, I finally ordered my first box of Rocks Box. In case you do not know, Rocksbox is an online retailer that lents and sells beautiful designer jewelry. They have a service that costs $19.00 a month and each box has 3 pieces of jewelry selected (after you fill out a style profile on their website) by your personal stylist. You can keep any of the pieces you like for a discounted/special price or you can send them all back. Oh and you can swap out boxes anytime, you pay 19 bucks a month whether you receive one or four boxes of jewelry. They carry several great brands of…