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First After-Pregnancy Outfit.

Welcome to My First Outfit after Pregnancy, after giving birth to My Baby Doll. I wore this to her second week's Doctor's Appointment, during the day on a Saturday. I felt pretty good that day and the fact that my in-laws and my husband both commented on how skinny (but healthy) and good I looked, made me feel even better. It is a simple outfit and I must say leggings, jeans and skinny pants will be my Best Friends this year, especially during the first months of Vivian's life. They are simple, easy but versatile pieces that are casual yet dressy enough to feel put together. About this outfit, I introduce you to just one of the newest pairs of leggings I got, in a Paisley Print. And I am also wearing one of my Most Favorite Jackets. It is an Olive Color and a Sweatshirt Material yet it is shaped like a Blazer so it is a little dressy. It was a great buy from Armani Exchange.

Off-the-Shoulder, 3/4-Sleeve, Silver, Metallic, Comfortable, Loose, Modern Sweater:Express. Olive-Gre…