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Hunter Green for a New Year's Eve Theme.

Hello. Posting a little late today also but I promised you another New Year's Eve Look and here it is. =) Since I have been living in Albania over this last year, I have accumulated a lot of new clothes from a local boutique (super close to where I reside). I purchased a couple of New Dresses and a couple of Tops, a Beanie and a Necklace from them recently and they gifted me the Dress I am wearing today, as well as Yesterday's Dress.. In Honor of New Year's Eve, they also did a mini fashion show a day before. They had me and 5 other ladies style some items from the boutique for New Year's Eve. I do have a couple of photos from the show too, but the store was too crowded to take any decent photos of this Dress, how I styled it and all the details, so prior to going I had my own mini photo-shoot at home lol. I love the Hunter Green Color of this Dress and it looks like Lace but it isn't quite. I love the thick Texture and it has a Gold Sparkling Thread on the Overlay…