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No Longer Neglected Navy Grandpa Cardigan and Cobalt Cords.

So I guess I lied. I said that this would not be another week of No Longer Neglected Items, but looking through the Outfits saved in my computer (that have yet to make it on the blog), subconsciously I have actually worn a lot of neglected pieces. I don't know why, but a lot of my neglected pieces are Cardigans. I guess it's because I own a ton of Cardigans and I even brought more with me when I came back from the States.

Take today for example. The Navy Grandpa Cardigan (last worn sometime last Winter, like 10-11 months ago but only made it to the blog in this Outfit) with the Collared Neckline, is my Neglected piece. It is one of my only few pieces I own from J.Crew. It was originally $128 and I think I purchased it for either $19.99 or $29.99 on final sale. I had nothing like it, it was a great price and a great color too, who was I to say No? LOL I do have a J.Crew taste (who doesn't?!?) but definitely not a J.Crew budget, never have. So, I reached for this Cardigan on…