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31 of 30 and 32 of 30: Reversing a Cobalt Blue Plaid, Vivian and an Announcement.

Hello. It is yet another cold day here. Cold for April at least, about 50-55 degrees. It looks like rain is about to start at any giving moment. Ehhh, we have had PLENTY of it this April. Speaking of April, today is the 30th. Can you believe another month bids us farewell. 2014 is flying by. Though to tell you the truth, between all the rain and the cold and probably because I remixed my closet and wore the same clothes over and over, this month has seemed a little longer than the rest of them so far. Poor little Vivian cannot catch a break this year either. She has gotten sick so often. April's stupid weather didn't help her out, either. =( She is making more appearances on the blog today, again. Now that she is a very active, walking baby, her pictures are difficult to take, but they are fun nevertheless.

Here are my first two BONUS Outfits from my 30 for 30 challenge. I wore my Beautiful Plaid Button-down by Joe Fresh 2 days in a row. However for the first (Casual) Outfit I …

30 of 30: My Easter Outfit but NOT the Last One.

Hello on this rainy and cold Tuesday morning. So, today I have Outfit #30 of my 30 for 30 challenge for you guys, but it is not the last one. In real life, I started my challenge the last week of March, in order to have time to get a head start posting on the blog. I have posted every outfit in the chronological order in which they have been worn so far. There are still a few more Outfits after this that I was able to remix and wear within my month of this challenge. I wore the actual last Outfit of this challenge on Sunday and it might be my most favorite one. I will be posting a few two-fer posts this week so by this weekend, all of my outfits with the 30 pieces will finally be shown. Thank you to all of you who have stopped by daily, bi-weekly, weekly or whenever you can to follow me during this challenge and encourage me along the way. 

So, yesterday was a cold, rainy day. I only went outside to drop off and pick up Vivian from daycare. After a month of wearing the same clothes ov…