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Moda part 2: My Annual Blog Birthday Party - Vixenish in Color.

Today is May 4th which also means it is my birthday and I turn 38 years young. I have never been one to hide my age and you know what, I am pretty sure that when I switch digits and turn 40 in a couple of years, I will embrace that age and a new decade in my life, just like I do each year. If you stopped by my blog yesterday, you saw that it was a Special Thursday Moda as it is my annual blog birthday party where I invite a bunch of my blogging friends to celebrate in style, with me - a tradition I started in 2013 and here we are in 2018! Yesterday I also mentioned all the downs and thunderstorms that the past year has brought in my life. But you know what, there has been so much good too. There has been lots of love, everyday hugs and kisses from Vivian, a job that I can live and support myself and my daughter with, a big cozy home I get to share with my lovely parents too, awesome home-made dinners by my mom, etc. etc. There has been gratit…