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Saturday is for Vivian - 10 Months Update.

This week on December 19th my Beautiful Little Girl turned 11 months old. Next month will be the big one and she will be 1 year old. How this year has gone by is really unbelievable but it has been THE BEST year of my life, truly. This post (of today) has been sitting on draft just needing the photos attached and edited. I am sorry to be behind posting this (once again), but all of you who stay tuned and read these monthly updates on Vivian, I want to Thank You kindly. I updated you on Vivian's 9 Months the last Saturday of November. Also, stay tuned for one more "Saturday is for Vivian" next Saturday which will be the last one of the year and a bitter-sweet post ahead for you to read, I swear.
November was the Birthday where Vivian was reunited with Daddy and her Paternal Grandparents and Aunt in Albania, since on November 5th we were back home. This was a Special Birthday for Vivian because her Grandparents and Aunt were dying to take photos with her and share her Joy …