Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saturday is for Vivian - 10 Months Update.

This week on December 19th my Beautiful Little Girl turned 11 months old. Next month will be the big one and she will be 1 year old. How this year has gone by is really unbelievable but it has been THE BEST year of my life, truly. This post (of today) has been sitting on draft just needing the photos attached and edited. I am sorry to be behind posting this (once again), but all of you who stay tuned and read these monthly updates on Vivian, I want to Thank You kindly. I updated you on Vivian's 9 Months the last Saturday of November. Also, stay tuned for one more "Saturday is for Vivian" next Saturday which will be the last one of the year and a bitter-sweet post ahead for you to read, I swear.

November was the Birthday where Vivian was reunited with Daddy and her Paternal Grandparents and Aunt in Albania, since on November 5th we were back home. This was a Special Birthday for Vivian because her Grandparents and Aunt were dying to take photos with her and share her Joy on her Special Day. Vivian was also reunited with her Boppy Pillow for photos, instead of the Big Brown Teddy Bear that I photographed her in, at my Parents' Home in Michigan, USA. But seriously taking these photos was hard. It took two cameras and two photographers (myself and my Mother-in-Law) to take these pictures. Vivian doesn't sit still for a second. She is always on the move. Because of that, we tried different locations of the photos too, such as the sofa, boppy pillow, the walker and the swinger. At the end, I still managed to get all of these pictures, believe it or not.

At 10 months old Vivian continues to always be on the move and full of energy. She also continues to not sleep a lot and wake up through the night several times. She doesn't cry a lot or gets crabby a lot but she still needs to be cuddled with me, fed or nursed when she gets awaken in the middle of the night. During the day she is mostly laughing and smiling. The Hairdresser's Daughter (who has the shop on the same building as our apartment) seems to be her favorite person outside of the house. The little girl is 6 years old. She just recently lost some of her front teeth and looks adorable, so Vivian finds her funny and adorable too. This little girl also mimics Vivian's talking, plays with her, makes her laugh, etc. Vivian's favorite toys currently are my cellphone and water bottles, especially if they have a little water in them (she loves to shake them). She also, absolutely loves being outside. At times she falls asleep while outside on her stroller. By now she walks quite good on the walker too, a lot faster and more often than not grabbing whatever finds her way lol.

So hard to believe that  10 months have gone by already and her first year is so rapidly approaching. Being her Mom is the best job God trusted me to do. She definitely keeps me on my feet but she is worth it 1000%. I love her so much. Daddy loves her so much. Her Grandparents, Uncle & Aunt are in love with her. Seriously she is the Biggest Joy of Our Family.
Showing off her (only) two perfect teeth and sky blue eyes.
Her 10-month Birthday Stuffed Toy is the Blue Dragon Disney character from the Disney Animated Movie "Doc McStuffins".
Her Red+White Birthday Cake that says "Vivian 10 months".
One of my Most Favorite Photos from that day.
Auntie Olta loves to hold Vivian "Hopa". ("Hopa" in Albanian we say to a child when we lift them up.)
Vivian loves Grandma Linda THIIIIS MUUUUCH. And Grandma Linda loves Vivi a LOOOOT too and makes Vivi laugh and teaches her things.
Vivian's Outfit:
Mint, Fleece, Jumper Dress w/ Pastel-Colored Dogs: Carter's.
White, Long-Sleeve Tee w/ Tiny Gray Polka Dots (part of the Dress): Carter's.
White Tights w/ Mint Mary Jane Feet (part of the 3-piece Dress set, also): Carter's.
Turquoise & Baby Blue, Grosgrain Ribbon Headband w/ Bow Swirls: Wal Mart.
Champagne/Nude, Tulle, Big Bow Pin: Made by Me.
Gold, Patent Leather, Mary Jane Ballet Shoes: Old Navy.

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