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M.I.A. Maxi.

I didn't mean to drop dead on you guys for the last 4 days or so but I have been so busy with lots of visits and some family gatherings. It has been so busy all around. Plus, on Friday & yesterday I was pretty much gone all day. On top of that I did some shopping AND we are getting ready for some special guest for this Wednesday. My mom is off for an entire week too so it's important that Vivian & I spend some time with her. Exactly a month ago today we came to Michigan and before I know it the next 3 months will go away soon and in early November we will be back home to Tirana.

I have so many pictures & outfits resting on folders in my lap-top but just haven't had enough time to post any of them. However better late than never. I have worn quite a few Maxi(s) this Summer and this is from a while back but I had to show it. I love how I added some Bright Blue touches to this White Dress and if you add the Red from the Floral Print it becomes Patriotic. Vivian is…