Tuesday, January 8, 2019

A Slimming, Sexy 'Pantsuit' Outside of the Office.

I am a color lover - everyone knows that. I cannot deny that to myself, either. But, despite loving color - ALL the colors - I also love black. As a matter of fact I should wear it more often. After all there isn't a sharper, better-looking, more glamorous, more elegant, edgier, sexier, or more slimming color than black!?! Case in point - today's outfit. It is head to toe black with a pop of tortoise (which looks like leopard) through the frames of my sunglasses and the block heels of my black suede pumps. And I am loving it. I am loving this look and I will most likely do a lot more black monochromatic looks this year. One I have in mind and have already noted down is: black skinny jeans, black tee, black moto jacket, black booties and black sunglasses with a super vibrant red lipstick. Cannot wait to wear and shoot that one. But let's get into a little more detail about today's look which I'd like to call...

Don't you love how I created a suit out of non-suit pieces: Black Skinny Jeans, a Ruffled Eyelet Bodysuit and a Fitted Polka Dot Blazer?! This is not the first time I have created or made up a suit out of non-suit pieces and it won't be the last. However, this is not the kind of  "pantsuit" to wear to the office because that fun bodysuit underneath bares a lot of cleavage which is normally 'hidden' in my outfits. But, to make this same exact outfit work-appropriate all you got to do is add a fitted black seamless camisole underneath the bodysuit and it will solve that "problem" right away lol. Back in the Summer of 2017 I purchased these Absolution Jeans at Nordstrom (during their Anniversary Sale) which have elastic built inside the waistband. You have seen them on my blog many times, they are even fading a little. They have been the most-worn pair of jeans ever since, for fun, on weekends, at work. Speaking of the bodysuit and the polka-dot blazer, they were both purchased at Forever 21, perhaps even during the same trip. None of these pieces are new though. I am wearing items from my closet. I decided to do a head-to-toe black look and went for Black Statement Earrings with dangly beads (by Sugarfix via Target), a simple Square Black Stone Pendant Necklace and my most-worn bangles: a Gold-Tone one and a Snakeskin Beige Pave one. And as I mentioned the Tortoise Sunnies went so well with the Black Suede Pumps since the heels are tortoise.