Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Spreading the Kindness - LOVE!

Happy Thanksgiving Week - the last week of November and crunch time for the holidays. I have decorated both of Vivian's tree for a few days now, but finally decorated the main tree today. Though I was off for a couple of days I did a lot of cleaning and decorating and honestly time went by super fast. It always does. Originally I had in mind a cute outfit for today's post but couldn't get the photos edited on time. Once again I am joining Shelbee's Linkup. She is once again SPREADING THE KINDNESS with her linkup, showing her adorable and stylish son Ralphie (look at the picture on the bottom of this post, isn't he so cool and trendy)?! 

Shelbee who is an excellent writer, just like me has been writing poems for years and unfortunately just like me, has lost a lot of her poetry journals and notebooks. Imentioned the other day that from a major basement cleanout I found a few of my old poems and today, in honor of Shelbee too I am sharing one of my earliest poems I ever wrote in English, less than a year after I came in US where I made several grammatical mistakes too. I wrote this one on my senior year of high school, for extra credit in my Creative Writing class. My teacher made 5 small corrections (they are revised here, on this draft) and gave me a B for it with this note and I quote: "Nice Effort! Look to use more visual imagery in future efforts, perhaps." Here it goes.

[Feburary 2nd 1998].

Love is like a sun, so warm and bright,
it makes your heart beat strongly,
it can drive you crazy but it's still lovely
because usually its happiness fills your heart!

Love is like a moon, the queen of the night
who in the middle of the darkness shines lonely,
you and I are the strength of love only,
for we feel each other and we don't know fright!

Love is difficult for everyone still it's beautiful,
it's so big like the sky, it's great like you and me!
...Even if it may cause you tears, it is wonderful!

True love never dies for its emotion is powerful!
We are together part of this evergreen tree,
for the beauty of love makes everyone merciful!

boy fashion blogger, bomber jacket, gingham
Here's Shelbee's adorable son. Go show them some love, today!!
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Friday, November 22, 2019

5 on a Friday: 5 Things to Wear During the Holiday Season.


Good Morning you all and Happy Friday. Today I am joining my dear friend SHELBEE of Shelbee on the Edge and joining her weekly Friday linkup. Stop by her blog to read her latest. =) For the first time today, I am doing a "5 on a FRIDAY" post and since the holidays are literally next week and forward, today's 5 on a Friday is all about "5 Things to Wear During the Holiday Season" and here they are below, in no particular order.


1. SOMETHING LEOPARD. Leopard is timeless, classic, classy, seasonless, modern, trendy and always, always in style. Leopard is a neutral, super easy to wear and pair with other things. Leopard is wild and sexy yet anyone and everyone can wear it, any hair color, body type, age, gender, you name it. Leopard is particularly perfect to wear during Fall and Winter, even more so during the holiday season because it makes a statement, it is festive, cheery and a lot of fun. 

2. SOMETHING PLAID. Like leopard, plaid is also a very classic and timeless print. But it is more associated with Fall and Winter. Red checks or red and green checks are perfect for Christmas. Think red buffalo check, tartan, black-watch, scottish plaids. Anything plaid in red, white and green is perfect to wear during this time of the year.

3. SOMETHING BLINGY. Bling, bling, bling. Think embelllished sweaters, boots, dresses, skirts, beanies and more. Embellishments in crystals, pearls, rocks, sequins, metallic thread and much more. Think textured materials like velvet, ultra-suede, crushed velvet, lace over silk and of course lots of metallics and metallic leather. Think bling when it comes to jewelry too. Time to wear those bold crystal studs, not just neutral ones. I am talking about big studs be it crystal or even studs shaped like rose bulbs, pyramids, cubes, asymmetric stones, unicorns, butterflies, you name it! Time to get out your statement necklaces: big baubles, layered pearls, crystal necklaces, bold big chains, fun spiky necklaces and more. When it comes to bling, think of statement earrings and cocktail rings too, especially ones in fun jewel tones like reds, burgundies, blues, purples and greens. Last add some sparkle to your makeup too. You can do so by incorporating glittery makeup and metallic eye shadows and especially I suggest a fun metallic eye pencil as an eyeliner.

4. SOMETHING RED. You can never ever go wrong with red anytime of the year but especially during November and December. It is the color of Santa's coat after all and it is definitely the ultimate color of Christmas, the most classic Holiday color. It is time to wear lots of red lipstick and red glosses too. If you are 'afraid' of red since it is such a bold color, opt for a pop of it. You can do a bold red lip, red boots/shoes/pump, a red purse, red scarf or red beanie. Or you could wear a red coat over your black outfit for example. I think every woman needs a red coat.

5. SOMETHING GREEN. Aside from red, green is also the second best Christmas color. You can do any and all greens but the ones I suggest the most are shades of emerald or hunter green. Over the past weeks I have been wearing my bold emerald green statement earrings a lot (last seen here). A lot of times I match them to my emerald green bow on my hair and my emerald green beanie. I think you can add some green in other fun ways too, think a sweater, a purse or a scarf. Jewel tones of green are all over the stores these days because of the holidays - wear them and be happy doing so! You will be so festive and on trend!


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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Thursday Moda #192: Mommy-Daughter Thanksgiving Outfits in Leopard.

Mommy & Me Thanksgiving Outfits
Good morning to you all and welcome to a very special post. Today I am paired with my friend LAURA from I Do deClaire and her almost-7-year old daughter Claire as we share our Thanksgiving-inspired Mommy+Me Outfits and clearly all of us had leopard in mind which was not planned at all. Laura and Claire wore leopard on the bottom while Vivian and I wore it on top, our leopard sweaters to be exact. Laura also lives in the Midwest, about 4-5 hours away to be exact (in Illinois), she is a girl mama too and has two little beautiful girls, Claire being just 4 weeks older than Vivian. You can check Laura's post here to read more about the outfits she selected for her and her daughter and some adorable pictures of the two of them. Plus, Laura is very stylish, chic and super sweet. I will be collaborating with her more in the next couple of months.

mommy & me thanksgiving, leopard pants, pixie pants, white pom pom sweater, monogram necklace, jeweled nude flats,

I just love how these Mommy-Daughter Thanksgiving Outfits turned out. You can never go wrong in leopard, definitely not for the holidays and the brown/beige/tan/black combo of a classic leopard print reminds me more of something to wear for Thanksgiving than Christmas too. I am wearing the infamous leopard sweater from Target than everyone seems to have and love. It is currently selling like hotcakes and I had to buy it because it is beautiful, well-made, classic and very reasonable - it is a great dupe for this sweater which costs 40 times as much. I also purchased this gorgeous neutral zebra-print sweater in gold/beige, it comes in silver/grey too. I wear a size small on both of these sweaters. The sweater is pretty light and I tucked it under my gorgeous mustard yellow mini skirt which I purchased from Loft in late Summer. This skirt is thick and well-made and it is currently on huge sale and you can find the regular length and the petite one. I am wearing the size 6, I fit on the 4 too but I think it runs slightly small. My tights are a charcoal gray color and I love the monochromatic look they create with my black sandal-booties from Target. To make this more holiday-like I put on some stunning emerald statement earrings which are from Wal Mart believe it or not (I have worn them a lot over the last two weeks and I get compliments on them all the time). I linked many similar green statement earrings below. I also love the natural wave on my hair which makes the hair more fun+festive and I matched the earrings to a shimmery emerald green eye-liner. 

My sweet Vivian is wearing the adorable cognac/tan corduroy skirtall by Old Navy with black leggings and black boots like mommy. Old Navy currently has a similar corduroy skirtall in blush pink (linked on the widget below) and dark hunter green too, dying to get her the light pink one. I think the dark green one would be perfect for the holiday season though, as would the burgundy which Viv also owns. =) We layered her skirtall over this adorable leopard cardigan I picked this year at Amazon. Viv has owned a leopard cardigan as a baby, a toddler and now as a little girl. They are so classic and versatile. I linked a few adorable little girls leopard cardigans on the widget on the bottom of this post. I love her outfit so much and would wear one on my size lol. These are also exactly the outfits we wore on Monday this week - Vivian to school and I to work. We both got a lot of compliments on these looks and our matching leopard sweaters. I snapped our photos early in the morning prior to work and school and took Viv to school that morning instead of her taking the bus and I got 3 compliments on my look just from her school teachers that day (I wasn't wearing a coat). I recognized Laura's pants and Claire's dress from their photos so well (they are both from Old Navy), because I wanted those pants so bad but my local store did not have them, but Vivian owns Claire's dress too. They are a very stylish duo too!

I just love our outfits today and I hope you did as well. I can honestly say that both mine and Vivian's outfits are two of my favorites we have worn this year. And you will see both our skirts and leopard sweaters styled differently for the holidays. again. Thank you for linking up today and for reading along. =)

For my Thursday Moda Favorites this week, I am linking to the ladies that joined my linkup a couple of weeks ago when I shared a poem. Very different looks - some with bright colors which pop during these cold months, some with lovely+cozy neutrals -but I loved them equally the same. Enjoy!

The always stylish Ashley killed it in a 'Mustard Blazer + Western Boots'. I don't need to say anything more. Plus you all know I am loving mustard this season.
Pamela was the beautiful 'Mother of the Bride in Las Vegas' in head to toe hot pink, completed with a fun fascinator on her head. The fun scallops and design of her head-piece match the asymmetric ruffles on her dress.
Laurie is always a dame in her neutrals. You can never go wrong with a fabulous wool 'Camel Classic' coat which she helped to design herself!
Those fun balloon sleeves with vibrant colorblocking! Karen looked amazing in a 'Gray & Brown Color Combo'.
Who cares what Shelbee is wearing?! Those shoes alone deserve a standing ovation though her entire layered early Winter look is so darn cute. Catch up with her weekly 'Sunday Afternoon Quarterback'.


This last photo is thebomb.com. Vivian took this of me and I love it and there is no filter to it whatsoever. Perfection!

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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Bundled Up in Winter Layers on a Very Cold Fall Day.

As I mentioned earlier last week, we already had a super cold week here in Michigan with 9 to 15 inches of snow and temperatures in the teens, single digits and even below zero. So much so that the kids had a snow day and for a lot of school districts it was during parent-teacher conferences day. Vivi and I spent that day bundled up inside, watching movies, doing homework, cooking and spending quality time together. But on my actual parent-teacher conference day I decided it to make it a Mommy+Daughter Day spent entirely with my daughter. So after the appointment with her first-grade teacher which went very very well, we made the most of our day by having lunch at one of mommy's favorite local restaurants which has my favorite salad (it is less than a mile away from Viv's school), then we went to watch a movie complete with popcorn during and candy afterwards. These cozy, day-off Bundled Up Looks are from the day we spent together after meeting with her teacher. Speaking of movies, Vivian is super excited for "Frozen 2" which opens this Thursday night nation-wide. Her adorable Elsa+Anna Beanie would be perfect to wear during the movie premiere, too.


But it is still Fall let's not forget, even-though it feels very much like Winter. Clearly the pumpkins covered with snow bring both seasons together: Autumn and Winter, the beauty of mother nature. For this cold 30 degree Fall day, Vivian and I definitely bundled up in lots of layers and kept our heads warm with cute beanies. Viv always rocks her prints and she paired her navy star-print leggings with a beige+pink fair aisle sweater dress, her heart-print adorable puffer coat and the lavender "FROZEN" beanie. I, on the other hand wore my casual sherpa jacket/coat I purchased last year from Abercrombie which I wear a lot and love. It mixed so well with my deep burgundy/wine/oxblood very well-made corduroy pants by White House Black Market which I have had for years. My Olive green crossbody bag matched my Olive faux suede booties (though they are a little darker shade). My top is a plan cotton long-sleeve t-shirt paired with a neutral/oatmeal/tan opened cardigan on top. I added a pop of color to the tops with that long turquoise tasseled necklace. But my favorite bright items were that hot pink fair aisle beanie I have had for years (possibly my favorite beanie) matched well with those blush pink sunglasses. And I was having such a great hair day I must say!

Shop Our Outfits below:

Also, make sure to join this week's style linkup (link below). There will be a very special post on Thursday featuring my stylish Midwestern friend LAURA from I Do deClaire and her daughter. Vivian and I will be back with our cute Thanksgiving Outfits alongside Laura and her daughter. Please stay tuned. =)

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