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3 Happy News in One Day!! Hip Hip Hoorray!

So the bad news is that it is 1.20 AM and I am kind of cold. The good news on the other side is QUITE GREAT. I found myself a brand-new job (and a good, promising, interesting one, even) in my new home-town, that little corner of the world known as Tirana. I will get to this more in a few weeks after I get the hang of the job. But I do start tomorrow (today, technically.) 

Today overall (as in Tuesday January 10th) has been a great day and I have gotten not one, not two, but three notifications of good news and good things to come!! Aren't you guys so so soooooo happy for me!?! 2012 has started great so far I cannot complain. I wish and pray that it continues to be great and it continues to bring me Good Health, Good Luck, Good Intentions, Good People & Good News!!

And since it is sooo darn late and sleep is calling my name, I must make this quick and post this belated outfit, fast. =) This outfit is a couple of weeks old. I think it belongs to December 22nd 2011 (last year, oop…