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Target and Starbucks.

Target got a lot of my money during December and even in early January for some after Christmas deals. I did a lot of Christmas Shopping there for my husband, my daughter and myself (of course). Some of the pieces in this outfit are brand-new. Almost everything I am wearing is from Target: Cardigan, Graphic T-Shirt, Jeans, Booties, Beanie and Pom-Pom Bag Charm. So this outfit is all about Target and Coffee just like my new tee says "But First Coffee", even carrying one of those festive red cups from Starbucks. Funny enough my Starbucks Peppermint Mocha was also purchased at the Starbucks that is located inside my local Target. Tea has always been my favorite hot drink of choice, except the last three years. Since I have become a mom I need at least a cup of coffee or two to go through the day, so this tee was perfect for me. I am even drinking a cup of coffee as I type this. And how festive is all the red and the plaid in this outfit (photos taken a month ago in December). …