Saturday, February 15, 2014

Just Because...

I still haven't gotten around to posting Vivian's 1st Birthday Photos. =( Sorry about that. There are sooo many of them. Choosing a bunch will be hard. Hopefully next week I will give you her 1-year update and photos from her Birthday Dinner since I showed you some other family photos from her Birthday last weekend. 

Today you get 3 photos though. The first one is a professional one taken by the photographer that we did her 1-year Photo Shoot with. We did a few Valentine-themed ones as well. Unfortunately the photo below (in her Red Tutu) is the only one that Our Talented (and very busy) Photographer sent us so far, but from the looks of it, we should be looking forward to a lot more Beautiful  Photos from Vivian's Shoot. Correction though, this is actually Vivian's 2nd Valentine. The photographer totally forgot about it and put "Viv's First Valentine" there. Oops. But truth be told, we didn't really celebrate Vivian's first Valentine last year. She wasn't even a month old and between all the crying, the bad Winter and mommy getting sick as well as being super tired & restless on very little sleep, we didn't take too many photos of Vivian those first couple of months. Don't get me wrong, we still have plenty, but I would have liked more. Her first mini-shoot at home that we did for one of her first holidays was for her first Easter. You can see those photos here.

The other two photos, are taken a day before Valentine's Day this year. Due to being sick (both of us) we hadn't left our home in like 12 days, so Vivian and I got all dressed up and somewhat festive, wore our Heart-print Tops and went out for a cup of coffee and a walk. The weather was also pretty warm and not rainy. You will get to see Our Outfits in detail, in a soon-to-come future post.

I hope you all had a Wonderful, Lovely and Love-filled Valentine's Day. Valentine's weekend is not over so enjoy it to the fullest!! I hope you liked the photos. My gift from me (and Vivian) to you to show you my love. I say that because I believe that a Child always puts a Smile on someone's face, especially if they are smiling themselves. =)

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