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Silver Dotty Dots.

Hello for the second time today. I got GOOD NEWS. 1) I leave work in 20 minutes which means I should be home in an hour and 20 minutes. 2) (I heard) it is cloudy out and there is a slight breeze of cool air, Alleluja!!

Well, I have an affinity and love for Polka Dots. This time I am wearing them on my shoes (love these Ballet Flats), on my dress and... wait... I even got floating dots (little colorful sparkly stones) inside the glass charm of my necklace. Neat hmmm? This dress is slightly big on me and it is sort of falling off the shoulders but it still looks ok. I like the even look that the little sash belt creates, though next time I will pop this dress off with a thick, wide belt, in a neutral color like Cognac, Beige or Brown.

Have a Lovely Wednesday Evening. I can't wait to get home and take a shower.

Scoop-Neck, Silky, Silver Dress w/ White Polka Dots:The Limited. Patent Leather, Pewter, Bow-Shaped Hair Clips:Express. Silver-y Choker Necklace w/ a Circle Glass Charm that has …

Blue Silk Sea.

Ahh what I would give to be able to wear full-length pants and a button-down top nowadays, heck I would even take a short-sleeve button-down over a long-sleeve one. Pretty much an outfit like here. But with the blazing hot temperatures of 95+ Degrees, there is no way I could even wear cropped pants (to work). It sucks, really. The temperatures need to drop by at least 10 degrees. I get tired and exhausted easily under the super hot sun, walking to and from work or to run errands, every day. I feel like an old lady complaining about so much heat, but my body can barely take it. I have prayed for rain and a drop of temperatures. If it rains and it is still hot and muggy, it's worse cause it will get stickier. Anyway, I love this Color Blue of my blouse. It is relaxing and bright enough to smooth a bad mood or crappy day. Enjoy your Wednesday!!

Long-Sleeve, Stretchy, Silk Charmeuse, Royal Blue, Button-Down Shirt:The Limited. Heather Gray, Light, Wide-Legged "Editor" Style Tro…