Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spring Must Haves: Sandals and Wedges.

Good Morning Ladies. It is an Open-toe kind of day isn't it? That is exactly what Amy Ann and I decided to show you on our 4th installment of the Spring Must Haves: Sandals and Wedges. Because let's face it, they are a Spring Staple Footwear (and Summer, for that matter). So far for Spring we have covered Floral Prints, Statement Dresses and Trench Coats.

As a girl that loves shoes I own several Sandals and Wedges and today decided to show you a favorite pair of each. They are both Bright and Colorful. The Royal Blue pair has those Fun Neon Circle Decorations on the strap, while the Mustard Wedges have the Cutest bib-like Ruffles on the strap. Amy showed us a Very Versatile Tan/Brownish pair of Sandals and some Gorgeous Leopard Wedges - both worn with Cute, Versatile, Daytime Dresses.

For both of my Outfits I mostly let the Colors and/or Prints of my Clothes plus my Colorful Footwear be the focal point. First I color-blocked my Lilac Pencil Skirt with a Hi-lo Cobalt Blouse that has Cute little Silver Flowers splashed on the front. Simple Silver Drop Earrings and a couple of Bracelets were all I needed to accessorize with. Next, I wore a Black+Beige, Python-Print Dress featuring a Tulip-Style Skirt with the Mustard Wedges. A little Black Tank underneath kept the look more covered up for this Busy Mom. I accessorized with a Colorful, Neon Necklace and kept my hair away with a Flower Mustard Pony-Holder. These Outfits were both worn last weekend, the first one on Saturday and the other one on Sunday, both days spent out and about with Vivian and the Husband.
Cobalt, 3/4-Sleeve, Silky Blouse w/ tiny Silver Flower Embellishments on the front: Mango (New) (very similar), (cap-sleeve option, on sale), (lace option, great deal, love this).
Lilac, Sexy Pencil Skirt: London Girl Boutique (similar, on sale), (similar 2), (magenta option, great deal).
Silver, Sparkly, Globe Drop Earrings: Fred's Jewelry (very similar), (similar 1, gorgeous + great deal), (similar 2, best deal).
Mint+Gold, Twisted, Silk Ribbon Bangle: Viggos.
Lucite, Watercolor/Butterfly Bangle: Random Street Vendor.
Light Green, Plastic, Tiny Hair Claw: Random Street Vendor.
Silver, Thick, Intricate Chain Bracelet: Lord & Taylor (very similar), (similar w/ heart pendant), similar, best deal).
Electric Blue, Jelly Sandals w/ Neon Circle Decorations: Simple Shoes (similar, great deal), (similar 2), (similar 3).

Black+Beige, Short-Sleeve, Faux Wrap, Python-Print Dress (comes with the Black Belt): Express (very similar DVF), (very similar, best deal), (similar DVF, great deal).
Black, Seamless, Nylon-Stretch Tank Top: White House Black Market (exact, on sale - these tanks are fantastic, I have multiples in Black and in White plus several colors), (purple version by WHBM), (very similar, great deal), (similar, great deal).
Multi-Colored, Neon Statement Necklace w/ Tear-shaped Stones: A Local Boutique (similar Kate Spade, on sale), (love this, great deal), (gorgeous bib necklace).
Silver, Thick, Intricate Chain Bracelet: Lord & Taylor (very similar), (similar w/ heart pendant), similar, best deal).
Mustard Flower Ponytail Holder: A Local Accessories Boutique (flower crown option, love this).

So, do you like how I wore my Sandals and Wedges? Have you purchased any new Sandals and/or Wedges this season? Show Us!!

Also, Amy and I saw a couple of Trench Coats we loved from bloggers, last week. We both loved how RACHEL of Rachel the Hat styled her Classic Beige Trench over a Gorgeous Red Dress. Check her out at Amy's Blog, today. A personal favorite of mine was the look below by LONDYN of BlogFashion.
This Beautiful Mom-to-Be belted her Classic Plaid Trench over a Chambray Shirt and Black Slacks. The Color-blocked Black+Tan Pumps were the icing on the cake.

Sorry, I am posting kind of late, but I am dealing with a sick little girl once again. Between her teething (she got 3 new teeth in just 9 days), a bad cough and the weather going from chilly mornings to hot daytime temperatures to cool nights, poor Vivian cannot catch a break. =( Please pray she gets better soon. She has had enough medicine and antibiotics this year. Thanks so much for keeping her in your prayers - appreciated!!

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